A family-friendly event

Turkish singer Dilan Çıtak Tatlis prepares for her first concert in Iraq

DUHOK, August 8 — Turkish singer Dilan Çıtak Tatlis, daughter of famed Turkish artist Ibrahim Tatlisees, is getting ready to hold her first musical concert in Iraq on August 12, with organizers offering tickets at “discounted” prices.

The young singer gained popularity among Arab audience after performing the famous song “Aramam” with her father. Her first concert is scheduled to take place at the Malta restaurant in Duhok city.

Exciting her fans, the singer shared a poster on Instagram for her first concert in Iraq, stating, “We are coming!”

Bawar Doski, one of the concert organizers, spoke to 964, saying:
“The Kurdish artist Arjin Ari and the Turkish singer Dilan Tatlis will perform at the concert next Saturday, starting from 9:00 PM until midnight.”

“We have not specified specific ticket categories; they will all be priced at 10,000 Iraqi Dinars. The concert is a family event, and we have also allocated a space for the youth.”

“So far, 3,000 tickets have been sold to audiences from various Iraqi governorates.”

Tatlis recently performed at a concert in Istanbul with the legendary Arab singer Kadim Al Sahir. Social media users shared pictures of the two singers together in Istanbul before the start of the concert.