PM stresses accountability and evaluations

Al-Sudani affirms new ministry appointments are based on merit, not influence

BAGHDAD, January 11 – Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa’ Al-Sudani emphasized on Thursday that a recent Cabinet vote to appoint general directors at various ministries was not based on political affiliations.

The appointments were reportedly approved in accordance with the provisions of Civil Law No. 24 of 1960, and followed evaluations based on merit.

Al-Sudani emphasized that political influence would not protect directors who fail in executing their duties.

The new appointments come after a Cabinet decision to mandate personnel changes ranging from retirement or dismissal to reassignment and demotions for dozens of general directors.

An official statement from Al-Sudani’s office said:

The Prime Minister convened with the newly appointed general directors following the Council of Ministers’ vote.

Al-Sudani underscored in the meeting that the selection of general directors by the Council of Ministers was devoid of political interference. Instead, it relied on assessments conducted by relevant committees, grounded in professional and scientific standards. He underscored that no political entity could shield directors who falter in executing their duties or fail to meet the required standards.

Highlighting the necessity of prioritizing service, Al-Sudani urged all general managers to uphold their responsibilities. He stressed that the new directors would be subject to an ongoing evaluation process, demanding increased dedication to serving citizens, effective decision-making, and alignment with ministry plans to enhance performance and service delivery.