In collaboration with WFP

Sulaymaniyah: Course for agriculture graduates to boost greenery

SULAYMANIYAH, 10 January — A new initiative to enhance the region’s greenery is launched by a course specifically for agriculture graduates. This program, aimed at enabling 30 graduates to establish and manage nurseries, is a collaborative effort between the Sulaymaniyah Forests and Pastures Directorate (SFPD) and the World Food Program (WFP).

Tariq Hamaghreb, the head of SFPD, told 964media that the collaboration with the WFP has been instrumental in increasing the city’s tree population and green spaces since last year. “Thanks to the WFP’s support, the production at Sarchnar nursery has surged to 1.2 million trees annually and is on track to reach 1.5 million,” Hamaghreb stated.

Sarchnar nursery plays a pivotal role in Sulaymaniyah’s greening efforts, serving as the main supplier of trees for local municipalities and various departments. The new course is designed to impart practical experience in nursery management to the graduates, preparing them to eventually establish and operate their own nurseries.

Hamaghreb said, “We aim to guide these graduates through hands-on experience in nurseries. The course will not only provide theoretical knowledge but also the necessary support for them to start their own nursery businesses.”