PM criticizes patronage system

Sudani addresses incompetence in state administration

BAGHDAD, August 7 — On Monday, Prime Minister Mohammed Shia’ Al-Sudani stated that many leaders in senior positions are unqualified and incapable of making decisions, which is part of the problem with state administration.

Sudani made these remarks during the inauguration of the Higher Institute for Leadership Preparation and Qualification, as reported by 964:

He emphasized that part of the problem in state administration is that many leaders in senior positions have reached their positions through misguided political understandings. They prioritize the existence of certain political entities in the state, known as political patronage. This practice has led to the development of patronage systems that have negatively impacted these institutions, resulting in the appointment of unqualified and incapable administrators.

The suffering of ministers is evident as they struggle to find tools that aid them in implementing programs, plans, and decision-making processes. The presence of favoritism and nepotism highlights the lack of administrative responsibility, hindering administrators from expressing their opinions and assisting decision-makers in taking effective steps.

Many decisions taken by the Council of Ministers get entangled in bureaucratic processes and administrative rounds across various sectors, indicating a lack of decision-making capability. This has been a contributing factor to the delay in the implementation of many projects.