Halgurd Mullah Mohammed

Former Iraqi footballer takes up coaching position with Al-Kahrabaa

ERBIL, January 8 — Halgurd Mullah Mohammed, a former player for the Iraqi national football team, has embraced a new role as the assistant coach for Al-Kahrabaa, marking his initial foray into coaching.

Speaking to 964, Mohammed shared, “Luay Salah, the coach of Al-Kahrabaa, approached me to join as his assistant. I gladly accepted the offer and am committed to contributing to the continuous improvement of our club.”

Detailing the transition, Mohammed said negotiations were seamless and he was satisfied with the contractual arrangements. “The negotiation process was smooth, and the terms of the contract were fitting. Moreover, my interest in exploring coaching opportunities influenced my decision,” he added.

Mohammed, sibling to the renowned former Iraqi football star Hawar Mullah Mohammed, brings a wealth of experience from his playing days with various clubs, including Sulaymaniyah, Erbil, Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya, and Birayati.