Players from 64 districts competed in tournament

Pawan Tayfur clinches victory in Sulaymaniyah snooker championship

SULAYMANIYAH, August 7 — The snooker championship in Sulaymaniyah concluded on Sunday with player Pawan Tayfur defeating Mir Muafaq with a score of 3-0 in the final match.

The Kurdistan Billiards Union’s president, Diyari Hassan, said the game had a large audience, as 64 players from various districts around the governorate participated in the competition.

Hassan told 964: “For billiards and snooker, there is a large audience, and that’s why we needed to organize this championship. The participants showed high performance in this tournament, and the players were ranked based on the results.”

“Sixty-four players participated in the championship, and after the competition, Pawan Tayfur emerged victorious over Mir Muafaq with a score of 3-0 in the final match.”