Draft regulation

Kurdistan tourism board proposes mixed projects

ERBIL, January 7 – The Kurdistan Regional Tourism Board (KRTB) has prepared a draft regulation for the implementation of mixed projects, which is currently pending approval by the Council of Ministers.

The term ‘mixed project’ refers to a development that combines both residential and tourism facilities within the same initiative. This innovative approach aims to synergize residential living with tourism development.

Ibrahim Abdul Majid, the spokesperson for the KRTB, told 964media that the draft regulation will guide the allocation of land for these mixed projects once it receives official approval. The regulation is designed to ensure a harmonious integration of both residential and tourism elements.

Key to this regulation is the requirement that 70 percent of any mixed project be dedicated to tourism-related activities, while the remaining 30 percent can be used for residential purposes. This stipulation is intended to prioritize tourism development while also accommodating residential needs.

In response to concerns about the potential shifting of focus in ongoing projects, Abdul Majid assured that the committee overseeing this initiative is firmly committed to maintaining a tourism-centric approach in these developments. He emphasized, “We will make every effort not to change the type of any tourism project; on the contrary, we are constantly striving to promote tourism-centric initiatives.”