To safeguard them from harsh climate

Erbil undertakes tree pruning in parks and gardens

ERBIL, January 7– Erbil initiates a winter maintenance campaign, addressing tree pruning and garbage collection across its parks and gardens. Rebin Ahmad, Director of Erbil Parks, informed 964media that this proactive effort began before temperatures plummeted below zero degrees Celsius.

The campaign, spanning the entirety of Erbil, encompasses parks, gardens and public greenery spaces. According to Ahmad, specialized teams with full expertise are executing the operation to ensure optimal results.

“The pruning of trees and flowers serves the dual purpose of safeguarding them from winter’s harsh conditions and thunderstorms, while simultaneously enhancing the aesthetic appeal of Erbil’s streets,” explained Ahmad.

Simultaneously, the city grapples with a significant volume of waste generated daily in its parks. Approximately 40 tons of garbage are collected each day from the parks and gardens.