After the budget amendment

Erbil Ministry of Education Announces Teacher Promotions and Contracts

ERBIL, January 7 – The Ministry of Education in Erbil has agreed to commence promotions for teachers and engage unemployed teachers on contracts, as outlined in a letter sent to all general directorates of education across governorates and autonomous administrations.

The letter, authorized by Alan Hama Saeed, Minister of Education, details the Council of Ministers’ decision to initiate promotions for teachers and address the employment of those who are currently unemployed. This move follows the receipt of financial entitlements from Baghdad and amendments to the federal budget law.

This announcement occurs in the backdrop of school closures in Sulaymaniyah and Halabja governates since the start of the year. Teachers in these areas have stated that the reopening of schools is contingent on meeting their demands, including employment for temporary teachers and career advancement for existing staff.

The Kurdistan region is home to over 35,000 temporary teachers seeking employment opportunities. Meanwhile, those already in the profession are advocating for promotions and salary increases. The directive from the Ministry of Education aims to address these issues in the educational sector.

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