Syndicate proposes 25 new factories

Proposals for expansion of Iraq’s pharmaceutical industry with new factories

BAGHDAD, January 9 – The Pharmacists Syndicate in Iraq has submitted 25 requests to the Ministry of Health for the establishment of new pharmaceutical factories across the country. The approval of these requests hinges on two key criteria: geographical distribution and the types of medicines to be produced.

In an interview with the official Al-Sabah newspaper, Mustafa Al-Hiti, head of the Pharmacists Syndicate, explained that the proposed pharmaceutical factories must adhere to a strategic plan. This includes a geographical map for the distribution of the factories, which is expected to positively impact employment, transportation, and distribution efficiency in various governorates. Additionally, there is a requirement for a second map detailing the types of pharmaceutical substances to be produced, ensuring a diversity of medicines in line with the World Health Organization’s Essential Medicines List.

Al-Hiti highlighted that a committee is reviewing the requests, focusing on producing essential medicines that Iraq urgently needs. He noted that Iraq’s pharmaceutical industry aims to meet at least 50% of the qualitative market demand.

Emphasizing the importance of safe and effective medication access for citizens, Al-Hiti mentioned the varying therapeutic indices of medicines and the need for careful monitoring. He also pointed out the need for more specialists in industrial pharmacy, suggesting expansion in postgraduate studies in this field to develop local expertise.

To bolster the pharmaceutical sector, Al-Hiti underscored the roles of both the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in providing training and the Ministry of Industry in facilitating the establishment of these factories. This includes land allocation and a comprehensive plan for situating these factories strategically across Iraq.