Over 100,000 trees and flowers planted in 2023

Sulaymaniyah parks flourish with locally grown greenery

SULAYMANIYAH, January 4 — The Sulaymaniyah Parks Directorate announced it had planted over 100,000 trees and flowers throughout 2023, taking care of maintenance for 95 percent of the plants.

Head of the directorate Bahroz Salar revealed to 964 that efforts included planting approximately 60,000 tree saplings and an assortment of rose bushes placed in various public spaces such as gardens, boulevards, and parks.

Salar also emphasized the directorate’s commitment to safeguarding and maintaining the planted greenery adding that teams evaluate the possibility of protection and proper irrigation before initiating any greenery projects.

Highlighting the diverse vegetation introduced, Salar mentioned, “Olives, oleanders, and pine trees took precedence in our planting initiatives due to their resilience against both drought and storms.”