A beloved theater and sports figure in Wasit

Hundreds mourn Abdul-Kadhim Khudair Al-Adli in Kut

KUT, January 4 — The arts and sports communities in Kut bid farewell on Tuesday to artist and football player Abdul-Kadhim Khudair Al-Adli, who passed away at the age of 75 from health-related illness.

Hundreds of mourners visited the Husseiniya Ahl Al-Kut to pay their respects.

Abdul-Kareem Iskandar, the head of the football union in Wasit, shared insights about the late Al-Adli:

The late Abdul-Kadhim Khudair Al-Adli, born in 1948, was a well-known sports pioneer and a distinguished theatrical artist. In the sports arena, he played for Al-Kut Club in the 1960s and 1970s, worked as a coach for institutional teams, and later became a member of the football sub-union in the governorate after 2003.

The late Al-Adli is considered one of the founders of badminton in Wasit, both as player and a coach for decades, producing prominent players. On the artistic front, he is one of the oldest theatrical figures in Al-Kut, serving as an actor, director, and a member of the Iraqi Artists Syndicate.

Known for his calm demeanor, noble character, and extensive social connections, Al-Adli was beloved by all the residents of Al-Kut. This was evident in the crowd of mourners.