Three areas specifically targeted

Erbil initiates projects totaling 2.1 billion dinars to safeguard against floods

ERBIL, January 3 — Three projects totaling an estimated 2.1 billion dinars are set to be implemented in Erbil and its surroundings aimed at flood prevention, local officials said on Wednesday.

The projects include pouring concrete and cement in Gird Jutyar and the Cornish near Zilan City, as well as constructing an eight-arch bridge in Tandura village in the Shamak sub-district.

Erbil Governor Omed Khoshnaw said the projects would target rainwater drains in an effort to manage significant annual water flow, underlining the government’s commitment to addressing the region’s water concerns.

The projects are expected to prevent flooding that resulted in significant damage to areas of Erbil in recent years.