Learning to play football tennis in Hit

League introduces ‘futnet’ to Anbar, hopes to build love for the sport among locals

ANBAR, January 3 — Anbar’s first football tennis, or “futnet,” match took place at the Hit Youth Forum, ahead of the upcoming Anbar Governorate League opening, scheduled for mid-January.

Firas Khaleel Al-Dulaimi, head of the local federation, said he was happy the league organized the match, stating that players have now became more familiar with the game.

He also said he hoped the game would become more popular among the public, noting very few spectators had attended the match. Additional introductory matches are planned across Anbar to promote the sport and discover talented players.

Football tennis is not played with rackets, but rather involves kicking a ball into an opponent’s area and returning it over the net using any part of the body, except the hands. Each team consists of one, two, or a maximum of three players.