Sulaymaniyah school graduates first class of students with special needs

SULAYMANIYAH, July 25 — The special education department of a public school in Sulaymaniyah has graduated its first class of students, more than six years since its establishment.

The Sarshaqam school was opened in 2016 and accepts 40 students each year.

School Principal Bahar Ali told 964: “For the current academic year, we have enrolled 42 new students, aged between 6 and 15 years old, and most of them are facing development issues, Down Syndrome, and autism.”

Children learn the alphabet, speaking and life skills, like how to use the restroom independently.

“Many of the children have shown high skills and learning abilities, and we are optimistic about their experience,” Ali said. “The parents of these children are also pleased with the progress they observe in their kids.”

Students are placed in different classes based on their age and development level.

“We accept disabled children based on available seats, as we don’t have sufficient space for all of them, especially with other children already enrolled in the mainstream sections of the school,” Ali added.