For New Year celebrations

Basra hotels packed with guests

BASRA, December 31 – As New Year’s Eve approaches, Basra’s hotels are bustling with guests, particularly from the neighboring provinces of Dhi Qar and Maysan. Drawn by Basra’s proximity and the array of events featuring renowned celebrities, tourists are flocking to the city to join in the celebrations, particularly on Al-Watan and Al-Istiqial Streets.

Ali Issa, Manager of Jundiyan Hotel, speaking to 964media, shared, “Our hotel, with its 52 double and single rooms, offers affordable rates catering to guests with moderate and limited budgets. The prices are set at 30,000 dinars for a single room and 40,000 dinars for a double room. During this festive period, we’ve seen a significant influx of guests, predominantly from Maysan and Dhi Qar. Many have booked their rooms online in advance, anticipating the New Year’s Eve rush when hotels are typically fully booked.”

Hassan Khreibat, Manager of Al-Abbas Palace Hotel, noted the increased interest in Basra this year. “Our four-star hotel, housing more than 55 rooms, is nearly at full capacity with 49 rooms already reserved. Unlike last year, which saw a dearth of tourists, this year we’ve welcomed a diverse group of visitors, including those from Erbil, neighboring countries like Kuwait, and various Iraqi provinces. They’re here primarily for tourism and leisure.”

Mohammed Ali, a resident from Dhi Qar, expressed his enthusiasm for Basra as a New Year’s destination. “Over the past couple of years, Basra has become increasingly popular among young people from Nasiriyah and surrounding areas. The city’s allure lies in its beauty, the warmth of its people, and the convenience and affordability of travel – a round trip costs just 25,000 dinars. We’re here in Basra to experience the festive atmosphere and celebrate the New Year with family and friends.”