No casualties reported

KRG statement on the drone attack on Peshmerga Headquarters

ERBIL, December 31–Peshawa Hawramani, the spokesperson of Kurdistan Regional Government, released a statement concerning a drone attack on a Peshmerga base last night.

The text of the statement

Late on December 30, at precisely 11:45 PM, a headquarter of the Kurdistan Peshmerga forces, located at Erbil’s Pirmam district, faced a targeted assault deploying two explosive drones. Fortunately, there were no causalities, except for material damage.

This terrorist attack, masterminded by an outlaw group in collaboration with their associates, specifically directed at a Peshmerga base, is dangerous and war inciting.

Attributing responsibility for these cowardly attacks to both outlaw groups and the federal government, our assertion is grounded in the claim that these outlaw factions are financed and armed by the federal government, transporting weapons, missiles, and drones in front of the government, resulting in terrorist actions against official institutions and military bases.

While the Iraqi government remains silent and ineffective in addressing these groups, paradoxically, it exhibits assertiveness in impeding the livelihoods of the Kurdish population, and using it instead to finance these outlaw groups.

Anticipating response and practical steps to be taken by the Prime Minister of the Federal Government in punishing these groups. Meanwhile, the Kurdistan Regional Government retains the right to consider appropriate measures in due course. We ask all our allies and partners not to remain silent in the face of this act of terrorism, supporting us for any response deemed necessary.

Peshawa Hawramani
Spokesperson of the Kurdistan Regional Government