Causing "harm and anxiety"

Photos: Fireworks sales spark debate in Baghdad

BAGHDAD, December 30 — In the Baghdad Al-Jadidah district of Baghdad, the market is bustling with fireworks sales ahead of New Year celebrations, reflecting a mix of enthusiasm and concern among residents.

Youssef Mohammed, a vendor, explains that the fireworks market gets busy during holidays, especially New Year’s. The demand for a variety of fireworks, including “bullets, bombs, and pipes,” increases, bringing good profits. While acknowledging some people’s concerns about harm and anxiety, he says that his intention is not to harm but to make a living.

In contrast, resident Abbas Fadel voices significant worries about the use of fireworks. He highlights the health and psychological risks associated with them, noting that they often result in accidents and injuries, particularly to those who mishandle them. He points out that some people tend to overuse fireworks, causing concern for many Iraqi families. Fadel calls for action from security authorities and relevant parties to curb the use of potentially harmful fireworks and ensure public safety.