University of Kufa student honored

Iraqi student honored for innovative solar energy research in the UAE

NAJAF, December 30 — The Arab Youth Center in the United Arab Emirates honored Zoummourod Ahmed Muslim, a 19-year-old Iraqi student pursuing Electronic and Communications Engineering at the University of Kufa, for her research on extracting solar energy from space.

Muslim was in fourth place among 40 participants representing ten Arab countries in the third edition of the Arab Youth Center competition in the UAE. The initiative aims to train Arab innovators in leadership skills and entrepreneurship.

Zoummourod Ahmed Muslim, University of Kufa student:

“I conducted research on transmitting solar energy from space using lasers, and I was the youngest participant and the sole representative from Iraq. The participation spanned four months, including two weeks in Abu Dhabi, and I earned recognition for taking fourth place.”

“The project holds significant potential for sustainability through clean energy, offering Middle Eastern countries grappling with increased energy demands an opportunity to reduce harmful emissions.”

The research idea involves the following steps:

1. Gathering solar energy in space using reflectors or mirrors directing sunlight to solar panels.
2. Transmitting this radiation wirelessly and safely to Earth, either as microwaves, laser beams, or through high-frequency radio waves.
3. Receiving the energy on Earth through a ground antenna called a rectenna, converting radio waves into electricity connected to the power grid.

Dr. Ali Hilal, head of the Engineering Department at University of Kufa:

“We have a research team and master’s students working on the same project. The University of Kufa encourages students to pursue creativity and entrepreneurship. Professors Maher Abdul Rasoul and Hassan Kamel supervised this research. We maintained continuous follow-up on the student and her outstanding research project.”