Basra's short winter

Firewood Market Flourishes in Karmat Ali Amid Winter Trips

BASRA, December 28 — In Karmat Ali, north of Basra, the arrival of winter has sparked a revival in the firewood market, driven by the rising demand for outdoor recreational activities. As residents embark on winter trips, there’s an increasing need for firewood, primarily used for heating and grilling. This surge in demand has notably boosted the sales for woodcutters, who previously depended almost exclusively on wooden boat builders for their livelihood. Now, restaurant owners and outdoor enthusiasts have become their primary clientele.

Mohammad Majid, a woodcutter speaking to 964media, shared insights into the changing dynamics of his trade. “I inherited this profession from my father. We acquire dry trees or carob trees collected by the municipality or authorized collectors,” he said. In the past, their main customers were carpenters or boat builders, but now they cater to a different market. “These days, our primary customers are restaurant owners and camping enthusiasts. We sell a pickup truck load for 100,000 dinars, and for campers, a bag of firewood costs 5,000 dinars.”

Ali Tariq, a customer preparing for a trip, highlighted the significance of firewood in enhancing the outdoor experience. “Now is the travel season. We often go on trips to the marshes every week or ten days. We prefer not to take ready-made food, as the real enjoyment is in preparing the food ourselves,” he said. Tariq explained that grilling fish or chicken wings on firewood is a key part of their trips. “Today, I’m buying three bags of firewood for our Friday trip; two for cooking and one for heating.”