Plane was grounded for a year

Iraq’s Ministry of Transport announces return of CRJ 900 aircraft to service

BAGHDAD, December 28 — The Ministry of Transport announced on Thursday the CRJ 900 aircraft’s return to Iraqi Airways’ fleet, after being grounded for over a year.

In a statement, the Ministry of Transport said:

In line with the directives of the Minister of Transport, Mr. Razzaq Hadi Al-Saadi, to adhere to the timelines for returning idle aircraft to service, Iraqi Airways continues its diligent efforts to bring grounded aircraft back into operation.

The General Manager of the company, Engineer Moneef Abdul-Munim, confirmed that the reintegrated aircraft conducted its first direct flight between Baghdad and Mashhad on Thursday. This followed a thorough inspection, replacement of one of its engines, completion of safety procedures, and obtaining official approvals from the Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority.

The General Manager stated that ongoing efforts are in place to bring other idle aircraft back into service. These efforts include maintenance work carried out domestically by the company’s engineering and technical staff, as well as contractual arrangements with reputable companies for engine maintenance of several grounded aircraft. A batch of these aircraft has been sent to these companies with the expectation of completing maintenance and receiving them back soon.