Group says white and sky blue keep temperatures down

Iraqi climate organization recommends changing street and building colors to combat heat

ERBIL, August 3 – Green Iraq, a climate-focused media platform, recommends changing street and building colors to combat rising temperatures in the country.

The organization says colors currently used to paint streets and buildings – red, yellow, and black – absorb heat, while switching to white and sky blue would reflect the sun’s rays and keep the country cooler.

The recommendation coincides with an extended summer heatwave across the country. Temperatures are expected to exceed 50 degrees Celsius in the coming days, especially in Basra, Maysan, and Thi Qar governorates.

Green Iraq says its recommendation is not based solely on color theory, but other countries, such as the United Arab Emirates, have used the principle to reduce temperatures.

The organization is calling on the government to implement the painting suggestion.