First-of-its-kind facility for the region

Iraq initiates construction of pioneering research center in Baghdad

BAGHDAD, December 21 — Iraq’s Minister of Higher Education, Naim Al-Aboudi, announced the start of construction on a research center in Baghdad — the first of its kind in the Middle East.

Al-Aboudi emphasized the ministry’s dedication to being open to technological advancement, highlighting progress as a crucial path towards scientific  research.

He also noted a recent decision to revive the Scientific Research Union Councils in Iraq, formerly based in Baghdad and closed in 2003. The decision to resume operations, under the direct supervision and support of Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa’ Al-Sudani, was issued, signaling a significant development supported by consultations, meetings, and joint committees with the Union Council.

Baghdad is set to host thes councils for the Global Research Union, positioning the city as a hub for global research for Arab and Islamic countries. Al-Aboudi emphasized the importance of solidarity, collaboration, and the exchange of scientific opinions to uplift the research landscape.

He underscored the significant role of scientific research in the ministry’s policies, revealing plans for the construction of a research center in Baghdad, which aims to support various disciplines, including medical, engineering, and social sciences.