Port's strategic location a major draw

Russian and German companies express interest in investing in Iraq’s Grand Faw Port

BASRA, December 21 — The Ministry of Transport announced on Thursday that Russian and German companies have expressed their interest in investing in Grand Faw Port projects, citing its strategic location that provides easy access to regional and global markets.

Thamir Al-Safi, the ministry’s spokesperson, said in an official statement to 964:

The ministry has received offers from major German and Russian companies to invest in Grand Faw Port projects, especially after they reviewed the advanced infrastructure of the port and its strategic location, which facilitates easy access to regional and global markets. These companies have expressed their readiness to invest and work on developing the facilities and services available at the port, enhancing commercial activities and driving the region’s development forward.

The ministry has conducted a comprehensive study to operate the port according to advanced international standards, making it a global commercial station connecting the East to the West through the Development Road project.

The ministry aims to attract major international companies to benefit from their expertise and explore the investment opportunities they provide.