New method aims to conserve water

Kurdish company proposes innovative tree-watering system

ERBIL, December 21 — A company in the Kurdistan Region has proposed a groundbreaking method for watering trees and seedlings to the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Board of Environmental Protection and Improvement, promising to conserve water while ensuring the growth of healthy trees.

Ahmad Mohammed, a key figure in the KRG’s High Environmental Council, shared insights with 964 about this new irrigation method, which would install a special box above the tree roots, drastically reducing the frequency and need for watering.

“With these boxes in place, trees would only require watering every 15 to 30 days, as opposed to the current practice of watering every few days,” explained Mohammed.

The company behind the initiative, Dildoz, has also sought to make the boxes more accessible, halving the price of locally produced boxes compared to those imported from abroad.

Designed to decompose over time, the box’s organic versions break down faster than those made of plastic, ensuring they do not contribute to environmental pollution.

Dildoz is set to commence the production of the tree-watering boxes in February next year.