Some withdrew but didn't inform IHEC

35 candidates received zero votes

BAGHDAD, December 20– In the latest update on the provincial council elections, preliminary results highlight a notable lack of support for various candidates. Analysis by the 964 desk reveals that a substantial number of contenders received less than 10 votes, with 51 candidates securing merely one vote and 35 candidates recording no votes at all, as if they abstained from voting for themselves too, but some of these candidates pulled out of the race and did not inform IHEC so their names stayed in the ballot paper.

In Baghdad, 12 candidates garnered no votes, and an additional 18 candidates secured only one vote, underscoring the minimal support for numerous candidates in the region.

Kirkuk echoes a similar pattern, with one candidate receiving zero votes and two others managing to secure only one vote each.

Babil emerges as the sole governorate in Iraq where no candidate received zero or one vote.

This report reflects the initial findings from the provincial council elections, shedding light on the diverse levels of support among candidates across different governorates in Iraq.