Kurdistan region supplies potatoes to regional McDonald’s branches

ERBIL, August 2 – Erbil’s Directorate of Agriculture announced the region exported 300 tons of locally grown potatoes to McDonald’s branches in Jordan and the Gulf, following an agreement to become a supplier for the global fast-food chain, despite having no locations within the country.

Hemin Saeed Murad, Director of Agriculture in Erbil, told 964:

“Under the signed contract between the parties, McDonald’s branches will use potatoes produced in the Kurdistan Region in their fast-food meals in Jordan and Gulf countries.

The management of McDonald’s requested 300 tons of potatoes, and we have already sent them to their branches in those countries as a first shipment.

Kurdistan’s potatoes are distinguished by their large size, golden color, and light skin, along with their distinctive aroma.

The qualities of Kurdistan’s potatoes are due to the climatic conditions in the region, especially in the plains areas.

The global brand chose Kurdistan’s potatoes for their quality, even though the produce from Turkey and Iran is less expensive.

The Kurdistan Region produces 500,000 tons of potatoes annually, and we aspire to produce more after this step.”

Thousands of hectares of potato crops were grown in the Kurdistan region this year, with a majority located in the plains of Bardarash in Dohuk governorate, where potato farms produce 300,000 tons annually.