Last-minute voter surge in Mosul

Families rushed to polling centers moments before closing

NINEVEH, December 18 – The election commission’s office in Nineveh reported a significant and rapid increase in voter turnout during the final half-hour of the voting period.

Sufyan Al-Mashhadani, Director of Media for the Commission in Nineveh, spoke to 964media, providing an overview of the day’s events. “We began welcoming voters at 7 AM, with a total of 1.7 million eligible voters across 792 polling centers containing 3,993 stations. We’ve just closed the stations, and the devices are now transmitting data via satellite for electronic, and subsequently manual, counting and sorting, all within the stations,” he explained.

Al-Mashhadani noted that the devices functioned well throughout the day, with the earlier issues during the special voting being attributed to an overload on the systems. “There was a sense of disappointment around midday, but in the last half-hour before the close of voting, we witnessed a surge of families arriving at the polling centers,” he added.