Man cites respect he received in Kurdistan Region

Displaced father from Salah Al-Din names daughter ‘Kurdistan’

SULAYMANIYAH, December 18 — Saad Ahmad, a displaced man from Salah Al-Din governorate now in Sulaymaniyah with a family of 26 children, has chosen to name one of his daughters Kurdistan as a gesture of appreciation for the respect extended to his family in the Kurdistan Region.

The young girl, currently enrolled in the second grade at a Sulaymaniyah primary school, expressed her affection for the name.

During an interview with 964, Ahmed emphasized his family’s deep affection for Kurdistan, which led him to decide against returning to Salah Al-Din, citing the genuine respect and positive treatment he and his family have encountered.

Curiously, the the father revealed an unusual circumstance where two of his children were inadvertently given the same name, Aya.