'The activity is vibrant'

Voter turnout goes up in Babil district as political entities provide transportation

BABIL, December 18 — Election centers in Babil governorate’s Al-Musayyib district saw higher turnout after 9 a.m., with some voters reporting that buses affiliated with various political entities transported people to the polls.

A 964 correspondent in Al-Musayyib said, “The number of voters has gradually increased since 9 a.m. in all areas of Al-Musayyib district, and the activity is now vibrant. Some voters stated that political entities provided private buses to transport their supporters to and from the polling centers to ensure participation.”

Colonel Adel Al-Husseini, Media Director for Babil’s police department, said area forces were ready and committed to providing a secure environment for Monday’s election.

“Our security plan focused on securing the northern areas of Babil with three security circles involving forces from the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) and the Federal Police. There are joint committees with the Electoral Commission to monitor any election-related violations, whether from candidates or voters,” he shared.