Monitors document irregularities

Poll monitors release preliminary report on provincial elections

BAGHDAD, December 18 — The Alliance of Networks and National Organizations for Election Monitoring released a comprehensive report on Monday detailing preliminary updates from the provincial council election.

The report provided data from 660 monitors who reported 641 polling stations opened punctually, while 19 stations experienced delayed openings.

The findings provided a detailed overview of the challenges and irregularities observed during the early hours of the voting process.

Noteworthy events documented included:

  • 82 instances of polling stations deemed difficult to reach;
  • 86 cases of election campaigning within less than 100 meters of polling stations, including the distribution of cards and candidate numbers;
  • 6 recorded attempts to hinder voter access to polling stations;
  • 15 instances of expulsion or prevention of political representatives from entering polling stations;
  • 30 cases highlighting the absence of some commission staff during the scheduled 7:00 a.m opening;
  • 18 cases of faulty essential devices related to voting management;
  • 32 cases indicating a lack of camera surveillance according to commission guidelines.