Hassan Al-Aboudi wins Powerlifting gold medal in Beirut

BAGHDAD, July 21 — Hassan Al-Aboudi from Najaf’s Al-Mashkab City won gold and silver medals at the International Powerlifting Federation’s Arab Cup Classic Powerlifting Championships in Beirut, Lebanon.

Al-Aboudi won gold in the bench press event and his silver medal in the squat event, securing his spot as the top competitor in the juniors category.

Al-Aboudi told 964: “I finished by achieving first place in the youth category, and now we are awaiting the rest of the Iraqi national team members in various age groups. We will return to Iraq on the 24th of this month, and I am very proud of this significant achievement at the Arab regional level.”

“I am extremely grateful for the great support provided by my coaching staff and the people of my city, who are proud of my accomplishments.”

Athlete Abbas Ehsan said: “All athletes from Al-Mashkab are closely following Hassan, who is our pride. He has lifted our spirits with his achievements.”

“I wish him and all Iraqi athletes success in the championship, and I hope that the Ministry of Youth and Sports appreciates and supports his efforts.”