Shibl al-Zaidy, head of the Iraqi Islamic Movement:

75% of the electronic counting devices have malfunctioned

BAGHDAD, December 16 — In an assertive tweet, Shibl al-Zaidy, the head of the Iraqi Islamic Movement, raised concerns about the integrity of the electoral process, stating:

“The Electoral Commission is currently grappling with a serious challenge. Today’s events reveal that 75% of the electronic counting devices have malfunctioned, failing to transmit and record the results, marking a failure of the Korean company involved.

Another pressing issue arises if the votes are not tallied at the local voting centers, necessitating the transfer of ballot boxes to the main center and negating the local manual count—posing yet another risk to the transparency of the electoral process. Such a scenario opens the door to potential tampering with the results and the undermining of democracy. We caution against any tampering with the people’s votes by questionable entities. Those who engaged the Korean company must be held accountable before the Public Integrity Commission for a thorough investigation, as there is a possibility that this could be a firm from ‘Mredy Market,’ [known for its illicit dealings].”

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