It is a yearly repeated school tradition

University of Nahrain students launch over 5,000 balloons to welcome the new Academic Year

BAGHDAD, December 15 — On Thursday, students from the University of Nahrain released more than 5,000 balloons into the air to mark the beginning of the new academic year and the New Year’s celebrations. This tradition is repeated every school year, with students accustomed to launching the red-colored balloons.

All students from different faculties and departments of the university participated in the event. The celebrating students expressed their wishes for a successful and outstanding academic year, as well as a joyful and beautiful university life.

Fadel Mohammed, one of the participating students, shared with Network 964:

“At the end of every Gregorian year and the beginning of a new academic year, we release over 5,000 balloons into the air. Many students from various faculties and departments participated this year, expressing hopes for a successful and distinguished year. Each participating student releases a balloon into the air with a wish, creating a beautiful atmosphere.”