Fruit clings to the trees despite frigid temperatures

Resilient yellow fig trees defy winter chill in Kurdistan’s Qadirawa village

PISHDAR, December 15 — Amid chilly winter temperatures near Qandil Mountain in the Kurdistan Region, the village of Qadirawa in the Pishdar’s Sangasar district stands out for its robust fig trees, renowned for their ability to withstand the cold.

Situated in an area where winter temperatures hover close to zero degrees Celsius, Qadirawa village defies seasonal norms where in a fig orchard, fruit resiliently cling to the trees despite the frigid weather.

A video recorded by a local resident highlights the unique trait of the figs, which typically ripen on the hottest days of summer. Referred to as the “day of figs,” this phenomenon ensures continuous fig production until the summer season.

Numerous figs still adorn the branches though, showcasing the hardiness of the trees in the harsh winter conditions.

In the video, the local man emphasizes the importance of acquiring fig seedlings from local sources like Qadirawa, where the trees are known for their strength and resilience, particularly the yellow fig variety.