Fuel shortage and long lines continue in Anbar

RAMADI, August 1 – A fuel shortage in Anbar continued on Tuesday with drivers in the capital, Ramadi, lining up outside the only three gas stations in the city with supplies.

964’s correspondent in Ramadi reported long lines of vehicles in front of one private and two government-owned gas stations early on Tuesday, despite there being 12 stations across the city.

The shortage is reportedly due to increased demand for premium gas; a delay in unloading fuel tankers; and the high number of people flocking to buy fuel for household generators amid extensive power cuts.

Mahmoud Amer, a gas station owner, told 964: “We face challenges in securing fuel, due to the delay in the arrival of tanks or problems at the refineries, and other circumstances.”

“Only three stations provide two different types of gasoline, regular and premium, and most car owners avoid refueling with regular fuel because of its low quality.”

Mahmoud Al-Dulaimi, a vehicle owner, said: “There is a lot of  pressure on the three stations supplying the city with premium fuel, and they need more fuel stations. People have to wait for hours in front of the stations before getting fuel, leading to disputes and delays.”