Locals await opening of 291-bed facility

Hospital project in Raperin on hiatus for over a decade with no completion date in sight

RANYA, December 12 — Residents of Raperin district have endured an 11-year wait for a 291-bed hospital in Ranya, a project that has been stalled for the past eight years.

Initiated in 2011 and slated for completion within two years, the hospital’s foundation stone was laid over a decade ago, but encountered an extended hiatus.

Dr. Diyar Ibrahim, the Director General of Health for Raperin, told 964, “The Ministry of Reconstruction bears the responsibility for project execution, and the onus for completion lies with them. As a health entity, our role is that of a beneficiary.”

Highlighting the significance of project finalization for Ranya and the broader Raperin administration, Dr. Ibrahim stressed the potential unification of health services, offering enhanced convenience for both patients and medical practitioners.

Although the construction phase is reported to be approximately 90 percent complete structurally, there remains a notable absence of essential medical equipment and supplies.

A 964 investigation revealed that the prolonged project suspension has led to the deterioration of some completed work, rendering the hospital a gathering point for birds.

The Health Protection Network issued a statement expressing concern over the stalled project, saying, “The failure to bring this strategic project to completion poses a threat to the lives of thousands of citizens in Raperin and its surrounding areas.”