Project on hold amid protests against development

Tourism initiative faces environmental opposition in Darbandikhan

DARBANDIKHAN, December 12 — Darbandikhan district’s Kuna Sham Sham Cave, a focal point for a tourism initiative, is currently undergoing road improvements and other development, but local environmentalists are voicing their opposition.

Local administrators have said the cave is set to be transformed into an attractive tourism destination and the initial phase of its development involves the refurbishment of the road leading to the cave and the construction of a parking facility.

The project’s first phase is estimated at a cost of over 46 million dinars, to be funded by the Darbandikhan Tourism Directorate.

Sarkawt Abubakr, the Director of Tourism in Darbandikhan, told 964, “Environmentalists have expressed concerns about the transformation of the area into a tourist spot, fearing potential threats to local birds and wildlife. In response to this plea, we have temporarily halted the project and await further directives.”