Scammers solicit personal information and money

New scam targets individuals with false promises of travel to the U.S.

ERBIL, December 11 — Reports have emerged of a scam targeting individuals in the region with promises of guaranteed safe passage and entry into the United States.

Victims report receiving calls prompting them to complete application forms and pay fees for a secure way to the U.S.

Among those targeted was Hogr Aziz, a former spokesperson for the Erbil police. Recounting his experience, Aziz said he received a call from an unrecognized phone number, with the caller claiming to assist in filling out an application form for travel to the U.S. During the course of the conversation, personal and educational details were solicited.

Aziz grew suspicious when asked for his MasterCard information, realizing he was engaged in a scam. The scheme reached a climax as the perpetrators demanded $600.

The call purportedly originated from a girl speaking Lebanese Arabic, claiming to be from New York. Aziz, discerning irregularities during the conversation, noted the call occurred at 7 a.m. U.S. time, when working hours were unlikely.

Aziz urged the public to exercise caution, advising individuals not to fall prey to such scams.