Due to lack of attention and services

Atrush district faces population decline

DUHOK, December 10 — A century ago, the Atrush district boasted a population of 750 households, yet presently, a mere 100 households remain in the district, marking a significant decline.

Expressing the district’s neglect and the outdated infrastructure, Maroof Atrushi, a citizen from Atrush, highlighted to 964 the lack of attention and services in most areas which obliged people to leave their homes and relocate in Duhok city..

Sherwan Mohammed, another citizen, emphasized the importance of land distribution in the new Atrush to revitalize the district.

Nashwan Hosni, the head of Atrush district, acknowledged the absence of services but noted a limited level of market activity. Despite raising a request for land distribution in New Atrush, there has been no response as of yet, according to Hosni.