One in three trees affected in some areas

Tree disease plagues villages in Sharbazher district

SULAYMANIYAH, December 7 — Villages in Sulaymaniyah’s Sharbazher district have reported large numbers of trees displaying a mysterious illness, with many appearing dry and diseased.

Among the approximately 60 villages in the Siwayl district, Gomle village stands out as particularly impacted by the tree disease. This village, comprising of 15 households, sees a significant decline in population during winter, with most households relocating to other populated areas in Sharbazher. Currently, only one household remains in Gomle.

Villager Hersh Jalal shared that the prevalent ailment affecting the trees in his village is identified by locals as “demkana.” Describing the impact, he stated, “The disease hinders nutrient absorption in the trees, leading to desiccation and inhibiting their growth.”

Jalal further highlighted that roughly one in three trees in their village’s forests has fallen prey to this disease, manifesting in partial or complete drying of tree branches.

Stressing the widespread nature of the issue, he urged relevant authorities to intervene and provide a remedy for the disease affecting numerous villages in the region.