Suspects caught in Sulaymaniyah, Nineveh, and Basra

Border agents detain 38 foreigners attempting illegal border crossing

BAGHDAD, December 6 — The Ministry of Interior announced on Tuesday that border agents apprehended 38 foreign nationals attempting to illegally cross Iraq’s borders in Sulaymaniyah, Nineveh, and Basra.

A statement from the Ministry read:

Continuous field monitoring to prevent infiltration and smuggling led the 21st Border Brigade’s 2nd Battalion, through separate operations, to arrest 15 foreign nationals attempting illegal border crossings in Sulaymaniyah. Additionally, the 3rd Battalion in the Coastal Borders Brigade arrested 17 foreign nationals attempting to cross the borders in Basra, while the 19th Border Brigade’s 1st Battalion in Nineveh arrested six foreign infiltrators. Legal measures have been taken against them.