Varieties took two years to develop

Duhok University successfully produces new potato varieties

DUHOK, December 6 — The College of Agricultural Engineering at Duhok University announced it has successfully developed two new varieties of potatoes.

The crops underwent a three-year process, and their yields have been officially registered with the Ministries of Agriculture in both Kurdistan and the central Iraqi government.

Research from Duhok University indicates the newly introduced potato varieties exhibit higher productivity and superior taste compared to existing options.

Dr. Rafail Shlemon Toma, a lecturer in the Department of Horticulture at the College of Agriculture, highlighted the collaborative effort behind the achievement, which has involved engineers from Duhok University, Kartop Agricultural Company, and Dutch experts since 2020.

Thomas stated, “These two seeds have been cultivated in Erbil, Sheikhan, and Fishkhabur for two years to assess their suitability for Kurdistan’s climate. The results indicate a promising yield, presenting an opportunity for Kurdish farmers to reap significant benefits.”

The varieties are nticipated for distribution among farmers next year.