Offenders to face legal action

Erbil municipality launches campaign to eradicate graffiti on city’s walls

ERBIL, December 4 — The Erbil Municipality has initiated a campaign aimed at removing all unauthorized advertisements and graffiti inscriptions defacing walls across the city, according to Deputy Mayor Karzan Hadi.

Efforts are currently underway in the fifth municipal district, with city employees armed with white paint to cover graffiti and messages on public walls.

Hadi told 964 the phenomenon was “uncivilized,” prompting the municipality’s response. Additionally, legal action has been taken against several individuals in recent years, with a particular focus on those displaying phone numbers through unauthorized writings.

The crackdown is in line with the Erbil governor’s announcement on November 23, 2023, explicitly prohibiting unaithorized advertisements on walls and outlining penalties for offenders.

Erbil governorate is divided into six municipalities, with the ongoing campaign targeting one municipality covering various neighborhoods including Biryati, Raperin, Khanzad, Zhyan, and New Erbil.