Enforces strict measures

Tal Afar police prohibits minors from cafés

TAL AFAR, December 3 — The city of Tal Afar has seen a notable absence of teenagers and children under the age of 18 from its cafes, following a directive issued by the Tal Afar Police Directorate prohibiting their entry. Police teams, distributed across the city’s cafes, have begun obtaining commitments from cafe owners and parents to enforce this ban.

According to a local police source for Network 964:

“The Tal Afar Police Directorate established teams that are dispersed among cafes and coffee shops throughout the city. They have cautioned owners against allowing children and teenagers under the age of 18 to enter these establishments. Police teams have compelled cafe owners to sign commitments, warning of potential legal consequences if they violate the instructions.

The police teams initiated surprise inspection visits to cafes, detaining dozens of minors under 18 years old and bringing them to police stations. Parents were subsequently summoned by the police, and they, in turn, signed commitments pledging not to allow their children to frequent such locations.”