Stores 3 billion cubic meters

Final phase of Darbandikhan dam renovation nears completion

DARBANDIKHAN, December 3 — The ongoing renovation of the Darbandikhan Dam, now in its concluding stage, faces a funding setback as the expected two billion dinars from Baghdad are yet to be sent, according to what director Saman Ismail told 964. Despite the successful repair of earthquake-damaged areas, completion of roads, and installation of lighting, the Dam’s director reveals a crucial absence of budgetary support from the capital.

Ismail emphasizes the continuous need for funding, stating, “The dam is always under construction and needs a continuous budget, and Baghdad should send them the money.” Notably, the Darbandikhan Dam, the second-largest in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRG), designed to store 3 billion cubic meters of water, suffered damage in the aftermath of a 5.1 magnitude earthquake in April 2018.

Reassuring the public about the dam’s safety, Ismail asserts, “The dam is safe, and after the earthquake damaged it, but the water overflowed, and there was no problem because the overflow is the best test of the safety of any dam.”