to safeguard dignity of aid recipients

Al-Hares volunteer team in Erbil launches campaign

ERBIL, December 3 — The volunteer team “Al-Hares” in Erbil has initiated a campaign aimed at safeguarding the photos and videos of impoverished individuals and families taken during aid distribution, preventing their dissemination without consent, especially in displacement camps. Considering this act as a violation of the dignity of the affected population, the team urges media outlets and relevant governmental bodies to intervene.

In a statement received by Network 964:

“The volunteer team emphasized the frequent infringement on the dignity of humanitarian aid recipients, where their images and videos are shared without their consent or under coercion as a condition for receiving assistance.

The team calls upon individuals, organizations, media, and relevant authorities to support the campaign, ensuring the success of efforts to protect the privacy, rights, and dignity of aid beneficiaries.”