"The decision came upon our suggestion"

Iraqi civil aviation authority advocates for airport management separation

BAGHDAD, December 2 — The spokesperson for the Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority, Jihad Kazem, told Network 964 that the decision to separate Iraqi airports’ management from the Civil Aviation Authority and link it to the Ministry of Transportation “came upon our suggestion.” This move was based on the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) guidelines, which emphasize the separation of regulators from service providers.

Kazem clarified that the role of the Civil Aviation Authority is legislation and oversight. When it previously served as a service provider, effective accountability was lacking when airports made errors, as the Civil Aviation Authority was both the supervisor and service provider. This dual role made it difficult to control the process and hold those responsible accountable.

The Civil Aviation Authority proposed the separation of airport management to the Cabinet General Secretariat, which was approved by the council. As a result, airport management will be handled by a different entity, with oversight and monitoring responsibilities given to the Civil Aviation Authority. This restructuring allows the Civil Aviation Authority to take legal actions against airports or national carriers in case of mistakes.