Group alleges mistreatment of animals

Animal rights organization in Erbil demands better conditions for shelter dogs

ERBIL, November 28 — An animal rights organization in Erbil is calling for improved conditions at a shelter for stray dogs in the city, citing an increasing number of animals facing mistreatment.

The Kurdistan Animal Protection Organization has also expressed concern over delays in obtaining required approvals for volunteers to contribute to their care.

Members of the organization gathered in front of the Erbil Governorate building on Monday to present their demands. The deminstration coincided with another protest by an organization in Sulaymaniyah, which demanded the closure of the dog shelter in that city due to reported cases of abuse and euthanasia.

Farman Fadel, President of the Erbil organization, told 964, “The dogs’ ears are cut, they are beaten, and they receive poor treatment. There were days when five dogs died during neutering.”

“We attempted to visit the dog shelter in Erbil several times, but we were prevented from entering,” he continued. “Male and female dogs are mixing when they should be separated, and the place is overcrowded with only four sleeping areas. All we are trying to do is help these dogs, working on a voluntary basis, and we request permission from the city shelter to enter with the aim of assisting these animals.”