'Our country is ready'

China accepts invitation to join Iraq’s Development Road project

BAGHDAD, November 22 — China’s top diplomat in Iraq announced on Wednesday that his government had accepted an invitation from Baghdad to join the country’s Development Road project.

Ambassador Cui Wei highlighted that Chinese companies have experience with construction and infrastructure projects in the country, having built 456 model schools.

In a statement to the official Al-Sabah newspaper, Ambassador Cui said:

Power China company has successfully built 456 model schools, constituting 67 percent of the total number of 679 schools. This achievement includes completing earthworks, foundation treatment, base filling, concrete pouring, and the construction of the structure for the first layer of 596 schools, accounting for 87.78 percent of the total.

The Development Road is a strategic project proposed by the Iraqi side, welcoming the participation of other countries. China has accepted Iraq’s invitation and is currently focusing on the project, preparing to provide assistance to Iraq.

Chinese companies are closely monitoring the project and await more information from the Iraqi side.

China has actively participated in several electricity projects, including stations in Wasit, Rumaila, Maysan, and Basra. These stations have significantly contributed to resolving Iraq’s electricity supply issues and created numerous job opportunities for Iraqi citizens.

The electricity output provided by the Wasit station alone covers 70 percent of the total energy consumption in Baghdad during the summer.

China and Iraq share a significant economic and trade partnership, with practical cooperation expanding across all sectors. The Chinese side is committed to contributing to improving living conditions, revitalizing industry, and developing the economy for the benefit of Iraq.

Our country is ready to enhance future cooperation with the Iraqi side in various fields.